B.U.F.C. Bulletin

Hammering it Between the Sticks

Our Captains

If you are a fan of soccer in Whatcom County, the names Brendan Quilici and Nick Cashmere are probably two names you have heard before. After an extremely successful Western Indoor Soccer League (WISL) season which saw Bellingham United FC win the championship suffering only one loss all season, these two players, dubbed as team captains, look to leave their mark on the EPLWA with an outdoor championship. For Cashmere, who was born and raised in Bellingham, he has been making noise in the soccer community here his entire life; for Quilici, his time in Whatcom County began when he started his college career playing for Western Washington University back in 2007. Regardless of how long these two players have been here, both players continue to impress fans with their leadership and play on the field, which has translated to notches in the win column for BUFC. “Nick and Quil are very experienced players with a high soccer IQ,” commented Head Coach, Lance Calloway. “On the pitch both guys expect and demand a lot from their teammates but nothing more than what they also give. Nick has incredible technical speed, physical pace as well as explosive quickness laterally, making him very difficult for defenders to shut him down. He is able to beat players both off the dribble, runs off the ball and making teams pay by his ability to target his teammates. Quil is a different type of player as he is a great distributor of the ball and can really dictate the pace of the match from his play in the midfield with quality passes either in possession or penetrating opponent’s backline. He also sets the tone defensively as he is a hard tackler and not easy guy to get by. They are both great leaders for this squad and have earned a lot of respect from their teammates,” Calloway added.


One of the best things about both of these players, however, isn’t only what they do on the field for the community, but off the field as well. Quilici, who coached for the Vikings following his playing days, has also coached for local club team WFC Rangers. Cashmere, who played part of his club career for WFC Rangers, continues to provide quality training as a Hammers FC Academy Senior Trainer. Both Quilici and Cashmere, aged 27 and 26 respectively, are relatively young coaches, and the transition from player to coach is not always as easy as these two have made it look. “I want to give back to my home town because coaches like Greg Brisbon, Todd Stauber, Justin Diener always did technical trainings with me as a kid. It’s cool for my soccer career to come full circle back to Bellingham after having the opportunities to play collegiately at San Jose State University and professionally in Costa Rica,” Cashmere said.

Part of that reason both have been so successful is the instant respect they earn from their players because of their own ability on the pitch. “Brendan did a great job as player-coach this past season for our indoor team, which won the WISL Championship. It was clear that his players respected him not only as a player but as a coach as well,” Marc Ronney, BUFC General Manager added. Quilici, holds down the middle of the field whether it be from a midfield position or dropping back as a center defender for BUFC’s outdoor squad. Having a playmaker such as Quilici allows the other offensive weapons on the squad (Henderson, Pederson, and Novis to name a few) play to their full potential. Cashmere, arguably the most dangerous offensive player in the league, is always on opposing teams’ scouting reports, and if you lose track of him the usual result is a goal or an assist (he currently has four goals which is tied for 1st).

Nick eye on the ball

Whether on the field or in the community, it’s clear that Bellingham United is lucky to have two great individuals be involved with the team. Calloway had this to add about his two captains, “I know from having spoken with several of the players and parents whom Quil has coached, he has really gained their respect. The players he has coached really learned about the game and how it is to be played. The kids respect his experience and knowledge. Nick is also a great ambassador for the club as he is always willing to be involved in our community events as he realizes the connections in the community are important. He’s been involved the past two years with our BUFC Reading Challenge and has a great rapport with the kids we meet.” Both of these players embody what Bellingham United is ultimately about: United in Soccer, United in Community.