B.U.F.C. Bulletin

Hammering it Between the Sticks

2 in a row for BUFC!

YAKIMA, WA, Week 7 of the 2018 Evergreen Premier league. Bellingham United wins second match of the season against Yakima. Final Score 4-2 (W)

Hammers win on the road against Yakima United FC! The first half Bellingham United played a high pressure style defensive winning possession from Yakima’s clearances. BUFC were dangerous playing balls through defenders and crossing the ball in to create lethal chances. The first goal came from a through ball into Luke Onley who was fouled right before taking a shot in the box. Richard Henderson converts his second penalty of the year with class! BUFC conceded a goal minutes later making it 2-1. BUFC responded with a goal of their own from Christian Rotter sniffing out a goal beating the opposing keeper earning his second goal of the season. The first half ended 2-1 Hammers in the lead.

The second half Yakima equalized the game putting pressure on the Hammers (2-2). Briefly after Jared Davis pulled a cheeky flick to beat Yakima’s winger and played a ball into George Cholewa scoring his first of the season, 5 minutes after being subbed in and going down! The final goal came from George chasing down a ball over the ball played in from Dylan Langei.

Goal scorers: 1st goal R.G. Henderson (pk) Assist, Luke Olney. 2nd goal Christian Rotter. 
3rd goal (game winner) & 4th goal George Cholewa. Assists from Jared Davis & Dylan Langei.

Next two matches are away for the Hammers. This Saturday 6.23.18 BUFC travels to Bremerton to face the Olympic Force (Cascade Conference). Go Hammers!