"From the Pitch" July 19, by #19 Oscar Jimenez

07/19/2012 3:16 PM -
I would say a dominant 4 – 0 victory in the last regular season match was a good way to say THANK YOU to everyone who supported Bellingham United FC… 

The day began looking as if it was going to rain and that worried me; I figured not a lot of people would want to come enjoy a game in the rain. Eventually, once we had all arrived at the stadium and put on our kit to warm up, the sun started breaking through the clouds. For the most part, we were pretty excited to get the game under way, but blaring a few songs in the locker room took our excitement to the next level. Particularly, one of our favorite songs, Levels by Avicii.

 Finally the whistle blew for the start of the game, and for the first fifteen minutes there was no real flow; both teams were struggling to keep possession of the ball. It was then that Justin Diener slid into a tackle and totally flipped the guy to make us tune into the match. We handled possession quite freely for a while, and then when we would lose it we would high press them instantly to make them give the ball up. It didn’t take long for us to catch on to their mistakes and that is when we began creating dangerous chances to score. After having a hard time finishing last match, Andrew stepped up this weekend and gave us a brace with two quality finishes. Tyler Bjork gifted us with two goals as well; I guess he wanted to shut everyone up who gave him lip in trainings about trying to blast the ball every time- he simply just passed them in this time.

It was an overall domination by the Hammers and by the fans. If there is one thing I must say in this article, it’s that the fans were unbelievably incredible this game - probably the loudest I’ve heard them yet. The feeling I got when the beer garden would yell “Bellingham” and then the stands, “United” was a feeling I will never forget! I was trying to focus on the game and what information my teammates were giving me and it was insanely difficult to hear them. My advice to the fans would be to keep that chant, it is definitely intimidating for the opposing team and it feels amazing for us.  

We want to give a special thank you to all the supporters who came out this season and those who came onto the field after the match on Sunday to greet us. It is a really great feeling to sign autographs, take pictures and hear compliments from our supporters. It has been an unforgettable year, but remember that it is still not quite over! We need to get us some silverware! We can’t wait to come out this weekend and fight for the first one. Hope to see you all then.

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#19 Oscar Jimenez

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